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Discover the Wonders of Zanzibar with Us

Explore Zanzibar Travels and Tours welcomes you to explore the natural, historical, and cultural wonders of Zanzibar. Our expertly crafted travel experiences cater to your unique interests and preferences, promising an unforgettable trip.

"Absolutely loved my trip with Explore Zanzibar! They made the best package with everything wanted. It was an unforgettable adventure. The team was super friendly and made me feel right at home. Highly recommend them for an amazing Zanzibar experience! 👍👍👍😊🌴"


Our Services

Personalized Packages

Explore Zanzibar Travels and Tours: Your gateway to the enchanting beauty and culture of Zanzibar. Immerse yourself in unforgettable experiences, from vibrant markets to stunning beaches. Let us guide you through this paradise.


Transfers and Vehicle rentals

Effortless travel awaits with Explore Zanzibar Travels and Tours' transfer and rentals service. Seamlessly move around the island with our reliable transportation options. Whether you're exploring attractions or seeking convenience, trust us to enhance your Zanzibar experience.


Personalized Itineraries

Unlock the best of Zanzibar with our expert travel consultation service. Our seasoned advisors are dedicated to crafting your ideal itinerary, ensuring every moment is exceptional. Trust Explore Zanzibar Travels and Tours to guide you towards an unforgettable journey tailored just for you.

Features & Benefits


Tailored Travel Experiences


Expert Local Guides


24/7 Customer Support


Customized Packages


Hassle-Free Travel

Meet the Team

Explore Zanzibar Travels and Tours is a small company and here are the experts dedicated to ensure you have the best holiday in Zanzibar.

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